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Terms and Conditions

Please find our simple terms and conditions below.

These terms are designed to give you a simple overview of what trading with us entails. It is a condition of making a booking with Verden Studios that you agree to be bound by these terms.

General Rates

Our general rates for room hire are approximately £10 per hour on average. There is no VAT included in these costs.

Recording is generally £30 per hour.

Complex work requiring more members of staff such as events may be charged at higher rates and these are guide rates only.

Deals are available on these rates and are subject to change without notice.

Payment & Cancellation 

An estimate will be provided for your service either on this website, verbally or via email. You may pay 50% or 100% of the value, at your discretion, to confirm the booking. This deposit is held to cover cancellation fees.

We require at least 48hrs notice for a rehearsal cancellation. Cancellations within 48hrs will be charged 50% and no shows will be charged 100%.

We require at least 1 months’ cancellation for a recording. Cancellations within 1 calendar month will be charged 50% and no shows will be liable for the full 100%.

Cancellations must be made verbally and confirmed by a member of staff, while we will always try to process answer phone messages and emails in good time, it is the clients’ responsibility to ensure such information arrives.

Usage & Rights

When recording work is done, you own the final audio files and may distribute them wherever you wish, you may reproduce them as you wish. However any samples whether provided by yourself or by Verden Studios are licensed for that single use only and remain our property or the property of the respective copyright holder. The title in the audio work will not pass until the client until full payment has been made.

For detailed information about our recording terms see here.

Storing Audio

We will hold audio work on file for a minimum of 6 months, and indefinitely for clients using us regularly (more than once per year). However storage of audio is at your own risk; Verden Studios Ltd can accept no liability for any loss, third party, consequential or otherwise occasioned by our failure to store audio securely. Should you engage us to produce base audio only, at any point we will happily provide mix stems or info in varying formats to another company with reference purely to how long it takes us to prepare, and usually with no charge. However we reserve the right to charge £15 per hour for this work should we have to engage in unnecessary reworking at our end due to other firms’ inability to process industry-standard files, having to respond immediately to last-minute requests, couriering CDs, late-night requests etc.

Gift Vouchers

Any purchase of an online or physical gift voucher is non-refundable.

Any booking made using  an online or physical gift voucher is incapable of cancellation or refund. Where a voucher has been used for a part payment the amount paid is non-refundable. In the event of a cancellation or similar, where a voucher has been used for part payment, provided the voucher has covered the amount of the deposit and/or cancellation fees where applicable, the remaining cash or card amount will be refunded subject to the standard refund policy as outlined.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Should you cancel a recording or rehearsal halfway through, any package rate agreed becomes invalid and we will revert to an hourly rate for billing. Total hours incurred or 70% of the originally quoted job cost, which ever is the greatest, will be billed.

Should you wish to place a session on hold whether definitely or indefinitely, we reserve the right to charge this same calculated figure to cover our interim costs, with the remainder of the originally quoted job cost payable when the work recommences. Should the brief substantially alter when the work is re-ordered, we reserve the right to treat the order as a completely new one.

With regards to liability unless you have an account registration form filled in, submitted and approved with Verden Studios then a deposit must be paid for before the session is started, and the balance either in stages through the session or at the end, before any shop items, repair work or audio tracks are taken away. Should you or any other member of your band or group place an order with us, we will require payment for that order before another order can be commenced. You agree as a condition of trading with Verden that once a member of your group places an order or passes instructions to us, you allow that such persons are authorised to place orders with us and that you will honour the payment for such, until such time as you inform us formally that the person in question is no longer a member of your organisation.

It is a condition of trading with Verden Studios that clients assert that they have evaluated the suitability of the equipment, premises and staff for their needs prior to making a decision and placing an order; no refunds or discounts shall be entertained on the basis of misunderstanding, dissatisfaction or any unforeseen or consequential loss, damage or costs incurred whether the fault of Verden Studios or not.