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cheapthrills All prices permanently reduced since April 2013 PLUS Free Storage

No, thats not a typo – did you know that Verden prices are lower than they have ever been, and have been for almost a year? We have deals on evening practices from as little as £5 per hour!

That could mean your band saving around £1,000 per year on practices! See our full price list here.

To take advantages of these savings, try to book between 6-9, or 9-12, which is our cheapest slot. ‘Non-standard’ slots such as 8-10 are the same pricing as ever.

We even offer a ‘night owl’ slot from 10pm – 1230am which is even cheaper – as little as £12 in a small room!

If you’ve not been down for a while, why not email us or give us a call on 0131 308 6811 to arrange a slot? If you make a block booking, we’ll give you free storage for any instruments/amplifiers you want to leave in our locked store-room.

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