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1. General information

Tell us your band name and contact details of the primary contact. All fields are required.

Artist/Band name
Primary contact name
Contact's email address
Contact's telephone number
Please note this offer is limited to bands based in Edinburgh & East Lothian only.
Band's hometown
2. Your band on the internet

Please provide us with any links (URLs) you may have on the Internet. Don't worry if you don't have all of these although having at least one will let us know what you sound like!

Artist/Band website
Myspace page
Facebook page
3. Label & Management

If you are signed to a label or have professional representation, please let us know here. Don't worry if you have neither. Both fields are required.

Are you signed to a label?  no yes    
Do you have professional management?  no yes    
4. Artist/Band Information

This is where you tell us about the make-up of your band. Please fill in as much information as possible.

When was the band formed?
Number of members

Please list the names and date of births for bands members along with their role in the band. e.g. "Vocalist", "Lead guitar" etc. There is space for you to list up to 5 band members. Don't worry if you have more members than the space provided.

Band member #1
Band member #2
Band member #3
Band member #4
Band member #5
Who writes the music in the band?
Who writes the lyrics in the band?
How often do you practice?
Live performance: please detail any significant live performances/tours you may have had
Band's influences: give is an idea of who/what your bands musical influences are
Previous recordings: if you've recorded before, tell us about it here
Your sound: In a few words, tell us what makes your music unique?
The future: In a few words, tell us what your ambitions are for your band, where do you see yourselves in a few years time?
Audition: Do you want to play a short set at our in house audition day on Sat 6th July or would you like us to attend one of your gigs or rehearsals? If so please leave details here
Where did you hear about this offer:
...and finally: tell us what this recording opportunity means to your band?

That's it!. Make sure you've completed as much as you can. When you're happy with what you've entered, read the restrictions and submit your application below. We'll be in touch shortly. Thanks!

These are the rules: This opportunity is for unsigned bands only. You must be from Edinburgh or East Lothian. You must all be under 25 years of age. Deadline for applicants is 12th July 2013. Acts must be available for a pre-production meeting on 20th July

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